Possible Worlds Semantics

What is a possible world? Where do possible worlds come from? And what are they used for? How many possible worlds are there? Are they real worlds? Concrete worlds? Or are they just descriptions or stories about the way things might have been? Are there any impossible worlds? If so, what are they? And why? How does it all work? What should we make of these modal mysteries? Is there any way to tame this important philosophical beast and remove some of the mystery that overshadows its merits? Is it possible to explain what possible worlds are and how philosophers use them without getting too technically entangled?

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GRS Episode, Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language

Logic 101

What is logic? What does it mean to think logically? Can anyone be logical? What sorts of issues are logicians interested in reconciling? Is being logical better than being illogical? Is it always better? If so, why? Why should people think logically? What benefits are there to thinking in a logically consist manner? Are there different kinds of logic? If so, how should we evaluate the merits of a particular logical system?

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GRS Episode, Introduction to Philosophy, Logic