Philosophers have always been interested in art and aesthetic value. But what is art anyway? How should we define the notion of art? And what is it that distinguishes art from non-art? How about aesthetic value… Is aesthetic value something that resides in the object itself? Or does it have more to do with a kind of feeling, judgment, or sense of satisfaction had by an observer? Do the intentions of the artist play a role here? Should art have a purpose, such as evoking pleasure or conveying truth? 

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Aesthetics, GRS Episode, Philosophy of Art

Aesthetics 101

What is art? How should art be judged? Does aesthetic value lie in the eye of the beholder? Or is aesthetic value objective in some way? What is bad art?

Philosophy 101 Series (Episode 7)

The Philosophy 101 Series is designed to give the beginning philosopher (or non-philosopher) a brief introduction to the basic questions, concerns and methodologies associated with the various branches of philosophical inquiry.

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Aesthetics, GRS Episode, Introduction to Philosophy