The Socratic Couch

Why does it seem like everyone’s in some sort of therapy these days? You’ve got the psychiatrists, the psychologists, social workers and counselors galore! Marriage counselors, Divorce counselors, Economic counselors, and Spiritual counselors. No one’s questioning the fact that people enjoy having specialists helping them out with their problems. I guess the real question is, are individuals getting the help they need from these therapeutic specialists? Are these therapeutic aficionados the right people to consult when you want a problem resolved? Perhaps they are. But how come no one ever asks a philosopher to help with their problems? Philosophers have been in the “problem solving business for over 2000 years, and are often able to work through difficult issues in unimaginable ways. In this special GRS episode, the crew is going to try and put our money where their mouths are and do some live philosophical counseling. So if you’d like to have a real problem solving professional analyze one of your personal conundrums, have a seat on the ‘Socratic Couch’ and tune into this ‘tongue in cheek’ episode of the GRS.

A Special GRS Episode

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GRS Episode, Special Topic