The 28th Episode Spectacular

So what’s the GRS all about, really? Over the years, many have inquired and tonight the crew hopes to set the record straight (that is, at least, insofar as the record can be straight!). Where did the GRS come from? What are the particular objectives (or goals) of the GRS? Is there any aim to the show at all? If so, what are we trying to do? What are we NOT trying to do? What about the particular format of the GRS? The music, commercials, monologues, discussions, guests and street interviews… is there any method to the madness? Is this an appropriate way to do philosophy? Can a philosophy talk show be fun, sarcastic, informal, goofy AND informative, engaging, relevant and thought provoking? These are just some of the interesting questions that the GRS crew will be addressing during this special ‘tell-all’ GRS exposé– So get ready, its The 28th Episode Spectacular on the GRS!

A Special GRS Episode

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GRS Episode, Special Topic